ByAriana Boutique which is owned by Ariana Kuala Lumpur Boutique has started its business through a social media which was through FaceBook in the year 2014. It’s has gone through a tremendous year ever since, the brand grew and expand their business by having their own page, physical boutique and website, in 2017. Through the website, our beloved customer were able to purchase for the collection hasle free.

ByAriana Boutique carries a collection of Shari’ah Compliance clothing without compromising the modest but elegant women’s wear for those who are dressed modern and trendy muslimah fashion but covering their Aurah. ByAriana assure those fashionaised women still can stay fashionable, elegance, trendy and exclusive. Some of the collections were designed exclusive, simple, modern, elegance and the weightage were most given to a practicality to wear for all women categories. ByAriana offered a wide range of sizes for its collections starting from “S” size up to “5XL” sizes.

In the premiliminary of its business, ByAriana Boutique started the business ideas from selling a Hijab (“Tudung”).The ideas was from the owner to start te business with “hijab”. Mrs Haslina Ismail is the owner and the Founder of ByAriana Boutique. A long the way, as a second trial, ByAriana start to designed and produced clothing which is “baju Kurung”. As for a start, ByAriana combines those idea from the trendy market and customers feedback on the designed. From the analisys gathered, ByAriana Boutique took an initiative to designed a collections which is a combination from customers’ ideas, favourite collection and a touch from the founder herself.Thus, ByAriana Boutique automatically has created a brand for a muslimah and Shari’ah Compliance clothing through the designed that blend with modern element. Through the designed created, there are a huge demand for the brand not only in Malaysia but in Singapore, Brunei and also Indonesia. Our products were maintain with the high quality fabrics in textiles.

For a branding strategies, ByAriana Boutique in recent has made It’s first exclusive Launch by virute of Pre-Booking of their Hari Raya Collection on 1st May 2017 using the “ANGGUN SYAWAL 2017 COLLECTIONS”. By that, the brand under ByAriana Boutique has come to another success story and the brand grow more stable in the market as at current.